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Held within an agricultural barn, pigsty, sheep pen, poultry shed or even a disused refrigerated container lorry, without access to the outside. Destined to a life of depravation, confined, kept in comfortless conditions, not even provided with a bed, forced to lie on a concrete floor scattered with straw - day in day out. Denied human contact, this is where she will be used as a 'breeding machine' a conveyor belt producing a litter of puppies every season. She and her puppies will lack the basic veterinary care - such as worming, flea treatment and vaccinations. When her puppies are 6 weeks old they will be transported by dealers, hundreds of miles all over the UK and sold in pet shops to the unsuspecting!!!
What is a Puppy Farm?

You may have already heard of the phrase 'puppy farming' but are probably unaware of just how big an issue this is in the UK. Puppy farms exist all over the UK with higher concentrations in Wales and Northern Ireland.

A puppy Farm can involve a small to large number of dogs breeding and producing puppies; the reason for their existence being that of financial gain which takes priority over welfare. Puppy Farms exist to make profit with little regard to welfare standards. Running/operating costs are reduced wherever possible, to maximize profits, what this can mean is that dogs and puppies are kept in appalling conditions with puppies produced dying before reaching the buyer or sold off with hereditary diseases along with physical and psychological problems - resulting in further suffering, heartache and verterinary bills for their new owners.

Some breeding premises are unlicensed and others licensed by the Local Authority, these breeding sites exist to supply puppies to the public, as demand is high in our throw away society and the trade is flourishing. Puppies can have pedigrees, paperwork and be Kennel Club registered,

The dogs all lead miserable lives!

Dogs are kept in kennel premises for the sole purpose of the mass production of puppies, who are, when a few weeks of age, transported en masse across the country to be sold in pet shops and through dealers advertising in papers and on the internet.

Puppy Farming is a sickening trade which continues right under our noses, in our own country, a country which is known as a 'nation of dog lovers'. But, its all about the money, the money made by puppy farmers, the dealers, the pet shop outlets. Its big business to churn out litter after litter of pups and the dogs used for breeding are no more than a commodity, to be disposed of once finished with.

It is known that many puppy farm dogs live miserable lives, crammed into dismal kennel pens in large numbers, desperate for human company and affection, living in filthy stinking conditions where the highlight of their day is some dried food thrown in and the remainder of the day is spent pacing round in circles as the boredom breakes their spirits, while injuries and illnesses left untreated breakes their bodies.

Many puppies die before they have a chance of life!

Once born into these establishments many puppy farm puppies will lose their fight for life due to the appalling sub standards conditions and poor rearing, before the surviving ones are taken all too quickly from their mothers and packed into vehicles and transported out across the country, all ready to look cute and cuddly to the public when put up for sale.

Sadly it is the public who through their purchases of puppy farm dogs who keep commercial breeders, who put money before welfare in business - keep puppies, their mums and dads and thousands like them confined solely for their next breeding - keep dealers and 3rd party traders in may not have realised that your money is what fuels and maintains this practice.

The RSPCA estimates that 50,000 farmed puppies are imported (or trafficked) throughout the UK every year. A significate proportion of the UK's estimated eight million dogs started their lives in a puppy farm.

Puppies reared indiscriminately are more likely to develop any of the following:

DISEASE - such as parvo-virus, gastro enteritis, distemper
TEMPERAMENT PROBLEMS - such as aggression, behaviour problems, nervousness, biting.
PHYSICAL DEFECTS - such as bone deformity, skin problems such as mange, flea infestation, lice
HEREDTARY WEAKNESS - such as heart defects, hip dysplasia, eye disease
DIFFICULTY - withhouse training, isolation stress, adjusting to family life (unused to children or human handling)

Please if you know anyone wanting a Basset Hound Puppy or are looking for one yourself, please, please contact a Breed Club Secretary who will put you in touch with a reputable breeder, and you won't be one of the many who have encountered heartache at the hands of a puppy farmer!

Puppy Farming is the largest animal welfare scandal of all times. It has been the content of investigative TV programmes since 1988 - that's over 20 years!!
People are making vast sums of money from the unsuspecting via this despicable trade. A greater knowledge can help bring it to an end.

Mahatma Ghandi..........
                "The greatness of a nation can be judged in the way it treats its animals"

Abraham Lincoln..........
                "To sin by silence when they should protest out makes cowards of men"
Mum and her young litter look under
A puppy showing an obvious eye problem
All are well fed, and very content
Beautiful clear eyes
If you had the chance to buy from either the first row or second which would you choose?
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