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The Basset Hound Health Group - is run under the auspices of all 8 UK based Basset Hound Breed Clubs
Our Objectives
The Basset Hound is a very robust and healthy Breed. The Basset Hound is a very individual and distinctive breed. As far as health and welfare issues are concerned, we are a very proactive Breed. Should a health concern arise, we are usually very good at finding an answer.

The Basset Hound, our chosen and much loved Breed, which has been the subject of much media scrutiny over the past few years, it is a much healthier and fitter Breed than many give credit to. We have never been casual or careless about the health and welfare of our Breed, but neither are we complacent nor are we under any illusion that there is no room for improvement.

The Health Group objectives are not complicated. We, as a Group, are working diligently  with The Kennel Club, The Animal Health Trust, The Royal Veterinary College and other professional bodies for a continuing and sensible approach to maintain the wellbeing of the Breed.

The specific objectives of The Health Group are: to collate information, to monitor, and to promote the health and welfare of the breed, and thus to educate and inform.
To be a united Breed influence in all matters relating to health and welfare issues and, together with The Breed Clubs, to be in a durable position to lobby on Kennel Club or any Government legislative issues that may affect the future health, welfare, integrity, status and reputation of the breed.

To work with Veterinary and Health Professionals, The Kennel Club, Breeders, Stud Dog Owners, Pet Owners, the Media and any other relevant Body, Group or Organisation to promote the Health and Welfare of The Basset Hound.

The Health Group is currently (September 2011) employed in carrying out a General Health Survey -collecting, collating and analysing data that relates directly or indirectly to the health and welfare of the breed. We are particularly taking note of any conditions which are considered to be either inherited or potentially inherited.

We have an agreement with The Animal Health Trust that they store blood samples and cheek swabs so that eventually we will have recorded details of DNA. This will allow research to be carried out in future for any condition which the Breed may wish to be investigated.

The Group actively supports ongoing research into a skin condition, called Malassezia Pachydermatis, which is being carried out by the Royal Veterinary College.

The intention is that any Research Team will work with The Animal Health Trust to share information which may be revealed in the course of their work.

We also work with, and share information with, other Breeds which experience similar and sometimes chronic conditions which may occasionally be detected in The Basset Hound. The experiences of other Breeds will help to give us an insight into what might happen if we let a rare or occasional health or welfare issue get out of hand and, hopefully, enable us to address it with an appropriate and established therapy.
Working together with the
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