The word Basset comes from the French meaning dwarfed or low-set and as the label says a Basset Hound is a hound; and a Basset Hound has a very sensitive nose second only to the 'nose' of a Blood Hound, considered to be the best scent hound in the world. Basset Hounds have been prized for this and following a scent with great persistence and these traits still dominate their character - hence the reputation for being stubborn but following its hunting intstincts are its primary objective, this may make the breed appear to be wilfull and disobedient, especially to those who have not undertaken their homework of finding out about the breed. The uniquness which makes them so appealling can also make them a challenge.

Basset Hounds are pack animals who are good tempered affectionate and extremely loyal, they are sociable loving the company of both humans and other animals. A Basset regards its owners as members of the pack and he will do his best to work his way up the pecking order - hoping to become pack leader. They do this in many ways and part of their charm is their convenient deafness sometimes referred to as stubborn disobedience! They don't usually take no for an answer however many times you say it! A Basset Hound can be very good at pretending to be fast asleep - but open the oven door when something is cooking and he will be there like a shot!

They are not usually destructive provided they have a bone or something to chew, some people think they are lazy but nothing could be further from the truth - just move its lead and a Basset Hound will show you no peace until its been out for a walk - unless its pouring with rain........then it will usually get as far as the door, turn tail and return to its lovely warm bed!

If you expect the alertness of a terrier, the protectiveness of a guard dog or indeed the demands for attention or affection of a toy dog. Nor expect the versatility of one of the breeds that can be obedience trained - a Basset Hound will only disappoint you. To expect a Basset Hound to be more than he /she is, is not only unfair to the breed but to the individual dog.

Trying to mold the calm and docile Basset Hound into another type of dog would be a serious mistake - let your Basset Hound be just what it is and you will be very pleased with the result.

The Basset Hound is not a small dog, it is a large dog with short legs, it packs a lot of dog into a long low slung parcel weighing anywhere between 45 and 70 lbs and measuring 15 inches to the shoulder. It has more bone and mass for its size than any other breed of dog recognised by the Kennel Club. It height is generally only one third of its overall length, with a very low centre of gravity.

The Basset Hound is a paradox when it comes to personality, they have a sad eyed charm and it is so hard to imagine just how stubborn they can be when they turn their mind to it!
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