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How to handle your Basset Hound
Knowing how to handle a Basset Hound is quite simple if you keep these simple facts in mind and a reputable breeder will take some time explaining this to you, please take heed they are telling you for a reason!.

As babies they grow at an astonishing rate, however their bones are soft like those of a human baby.....they are especailly at risk if left to jump on and off furniture, go up and down stairs is a known fact that 70% of a dogs body weight is supported by their front legs, so great care is needed in Basset Hounds of all ages especially puppies. If allowed to roam, jump up and down, on or off obstacles there will be definite damage caused to their still growing bones and joints.

Another very importrant thing to know is how to pick up and put down your puppy carefully, just as important is supporting the back! Support you puppy under its front - this can be done by placing your one arm or hand between its front legs or under the puppy just behind its front legs taking the weight of the front end of your puppy under its ribs and place your other arm/hand  between the puppy's hind legs and lift gently - you will be astonished just how easy it is to  pick a Basset puppy up this way. Never pick your puppy up just by putting your hands around its ribs or by lifting it by the scruff of the neck......the whole puppy needs to be supported and supported safely.

Just as important is knowing how to place the puppy back onto the ground, never let the puppies legs dangle, again support the puppy under its front/ribs and back end as described above and angle the puppy backwards so the back legs always come in contact with the ground first......then gently lower the front, removing your hands/arms only when the puppy's four legs are in contact with the ground.

Remember this too when you are using the car - don't let your Basset jump in or out of your car however close to the ground you think the car is. Consider bath time, back support is important here, too, as your puppy grows into an adult gaining weight, don't feel you have to struggle - get someone to help you - use the same principal, one person at the front, one at the back, maintaining support for the Basset Hound's back at all times.
Photos above showing the correct way to lift/carry a puppy - hand through/between its front legs and the rear wholely supported by our other hand/arm - the puppy should always be placed onto the ground back(hind) legs first as directed above.
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Official site of the Basset Hound Health Group
The Basset Hound Health Group - is run under the auspices of all 8 UK based Basset Hound Breed Clubs