The importance of a good diet cannot be over stressed. All dogs need the right food in order to thrive and Basset Hounds are no exception. Without the right foods, many dogs never reach their genetic potential. Food is as important as any other aspect of dog care, and feeding is an often misunderstood and a neglected subject. There are many opinions about which dog food is best, but all animal nutritionists acknowledge that a balanced diet is always the right thing for your dog. The diet for a Basset Hound of any age is very important but for a puppy there are a few essentials to remember and get right from the very beginning. Poor quality generic type foods  are made with less attention to nutritional balance than to the bank balance. Remember cheap foods are made from cheap ingredients, processed as cheaply as possible.

In addition to balanced nutrition, there are three primary rules to follow in feeding your dog:
1:  Find a high quality food, it can be a nutritionally complete food and feed it consistently.
2:  Don't feed your pet more than it really needs, even if it wants more.
3:  Never feed table scraps, either mixed with regular food or as a treat.

However, it is important for you to know what your puppy has been fed on until now, your breeder should issue you with a detailed diet sheet and spent time explaining your puppies requirements, as it is so important to continue the work started by them in order to maintain the good start your puppy has had.

It is also worth remembering too much exercise is not good for a young Basset Hound, as well as good nutrition they need plenty of rest, for nature to do its work - converting the nutirion into bone and substance. If your puppy is constantly on the go, running here, there and everywhere that conversion will not take place - the food will be burnt off as the body will convert it into energy.

It is also very important to remember that when feeding a young puppy the rule is little and often. Its also worth remembering that your puppy will be 6 months plus before it can go on to two meals a day.

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Bassets are known to have a more than healthy appetite! However, Bassets are different to most dogs they will continue to eat, if there is food available! For instance a bag containing biscuit or an all in one food will not be overlooked, if the bag is broken or not as long as a Basset has access to it - they will do there best to eat ALL of the contents!!
This condition has come about overnight - it has taken many months. However, with good food and careful monitoring this condition can be reverse quite quickly, as can that of the overweight Basset too.
Two ends of the same spectrum! left a very content Basset needing to loose several pounds and right a Basset who is obviously malnourished and has been for some time.
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