Exercise can be a very emotive issue, people buy a Basset Hound puppy, they want friends to see their new addition, they want to socialize him/her, so as soon as the puppy has finished their vaccinations and is able to go out, the new owners decide to walk it for miles immediately without thinking of the consequences.

This topic has been touched on several times already within these pages and it is so important here it is again.

Puppies up until their vaccinations are completed are quite happy with pottering in your garden in addition to you taking them into the garden for toilet training. Once they have completed their vaccinations you should consider the following rule.

5 minutes exercise for every month of their life......so if they finish their vaccinations by 12 weeks, 3 months = 15  minutes of gentle exercise on a lead is ample, at 4 months = 20 minutes, 5 months = 25 minutes and 6 months = 30 minutes. Although it doesn't sound much, it is enough to introduce any Basset Hound puppy to its exercise regime.

It should also be remembered not to walk the puppy too quickly on hard surfaces, consider the impact of the puppy's bones and joints pounding on hard ground such as tarmac or concrete. If you must walk your puppy on this sort of ground surface please slow your pace right down to accomodate it. It is much safer to exercise your puppy on grass, during this important stage of their developement grass forms a shock absorber for the puppy's soft bones and joints.

Be aware exercise should be built gradually in a young hound as too much too soon will be harmful.

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Lead training a puppy can take time and considerable patience!
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