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The skin should be pink and helathy in appearance and free from, any deep red, wet or sore areas, the coat should be short, shiny, course in texture and should show no signs of greasiness or scurf.

The skin of a Basset Hound should be supple and elastic without any exaggeration, it is practical because its elasticity prevents damage in rough terrain, and will help considerably when going through dense undergrowth, thickets, etc. Thorns, jagged twigs and the like will not pierce or tear skin that moves. (Experiment with a pin and balloon, it is easy to pierce a blown up balloon when the skin is tight, but not so easy when the balloon is slightly deflated, there is small amount of excess skin to cover the pin. A little loose skin is one of the great characteristics of the Basset.
The 4 Basset Hounds below all show a healthy sheen to their coats,
there are no signs of any underlaying skin problems
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