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Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
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This information has been produced to help you inderstand a little about PACG

What is PACG?

Primary Angle Clousure Glaucoma is an inhertited condition of the eyes which affects only some breeds of dog.

"Primary" - usually means it is an inherited condition.

The "Angle" relates to the angle of the drain where the fluid fromt he eye normally flows.

"Closure" can mean that the drain is either almost closed or completely closed, therefore preventing the fluid from draining properly from the eye resulting in a build up of pressure.

This type of pressure is called "Glaucoma" and eventually pressure buillds up within the eye, causing extreme pain and probable blindness,

The Basset Hound is one of only a few breeds which are predisposed to this condition. Predisposed means that the condition may be detected in a dog but it will not necessarily develop the condition. While PACG exists in the Breed, be assured that very few Basset Hounds actually go on to develop it.

These three photos show the changes in the angle from wide open to almost closed
Glaucoma is an increase in fluid inside the eye, which leads to damage to delicate structures within the eye which may eventually lead to blindness following swelling of the eye.   In its acute form glaucoma is painful but in all types it is the effect on sight through destruction of the optic nerve that represents its most important feature.   Two forms of glaucoma are considered to be inherited in the dog: open-angle glaucoma (very uncommon) and angle closure glaucoma.   The latter form is considered to be inherited in the Basset Hound.   In angle-closure glaucoma, goniodysgenesis is characterised by non-differentiation of the pectinate ligament and a narrowed drainage angle and predisposes the “patient” to acute onset disease, usually in middle or old age.
Gon1 Gon2 Gon3
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Cross section of the eye.
Fluid is continuously formed inside the eye and exists through the specialised  tissue of the iridocorneal angle.  In Bassets with glaucoma the angle becomes too narrow and outflow is blocked.  This leads to abnormally high pressure inside the eye.
The eye pictured here has glaucoma, and the sight has already been lost in it.
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