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If you have listened to the advice given to you by your breeder and followed it correctly, there would be little expectation of things going wrong. However, no one knows what the future may hold and, if you ever find yourself at the vet being told your Basset needs to 'rest' or be 'restricted' to help in its are some basic aids to assist you, this is the way reputable breeders do it......

Things You'll Need

Kennel (crate)


Soft mattress

Waterproof cover



Short lead

Support sling


Prescribed medications

Set up a kennel for your dog, making sure it is large enough for him to be able to stand up and stretch out in. Covering the soft mattress with a waterproof cover, such as a large black bin liner, will help prevent pressure sores. Use blankets or towels to provide warmth.

Your dog will need a snug, comfortable harness and a short lead. No collars, halti's or retractable leads allowed.

Do not allow jumping, running or any activity outside of a sedate walk or resting. Your dog should not be allowed on a couch or your bed, and remember he/she should be lifted in and out of your car if going to visit the vet or on any other journey.

Escort your dog to and from his toilet spot. If there are stairs, he/she will need to be carried or have his abdomen supported especially to help him while he/she relieves him/herself.

For larger dogs, a towel works well if you are unable to find a support sling like those shown above.

Always provide fresh water, available around the clock. Some medications can make him/her hungrier or thirstier than usual.

If he's had surgery, check his/her incision for any signs of redness, swelling or discharge. Keep his skin dry and free of urine or faeces.

Do any passive range-of-motion exercises your vet has suggested.

Give your dog's medications as directed, and make sure to keep all follow up appointments with your vet.

Chew toys, squeaky toys and puzzle toys are wonderful ways to keep your dog from getting bored. To keep his/her spirits up, make sure he/he is near family activities and not isolated.
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